Weatherly recently launched its Pakistan subsidiary, CubeXS Weatherly. With $375 million in financing CubeXS Weatherly created the first tier IV data center in Pakistan.

CubeXS Weatherly's primary enterprise-class hosting facility is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Every feature of CubeXS Weatherly's data centers has been designed to support and protect mission-critical IT operations. All CubeXS facilities are engineered to 99.999% service availability to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, cooling, and physical security.

Tier IV provides site infrastructure capacity and capability to permit any planned activity without disruption to the critical load. Fault-tolerant functionality also provides the ability of the site infrastructure to sustain at least one worst-case, unplanned failure or event with no critical load impact. CubeXS Weatherly hosts a numberous international financial institutions including AT&T Hosted Services.

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